Workshop Kolkata, India

Simposio: Biophotons and quantum fields in the  cardiomyogenesis after myocardial infarction. 
Kolkata, India
20/21 gennaio 2020
dalle ore 10,00 alle ore 18,00

Dr K N Siddiqui
Consultant Cardiologist
President Heart friends around the world

Kolkata, India

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BQH Direct Informative Cardiogenesis

My research on Direct Informative Cardiogenesis applies the BURGARELLA QUANTUM HEALING (BQH) ® method and aims to bring the principles of quantum physics into clinical practice, to obtain the “Transformation” through the “Discontinuity”, understood as the possibility of passing from one quantum state to the other without passing through intermediate states. The study refers to the Science of Resonance and Coherence which uses Non-Dual Vibrational Semeiology and BQH Information Therapy to harmonize human biofields and consciousness, in order to restore the state of health preceding the disease.

To do this it is necessary to consider the matter as “information coming from the Unified Field, decoded by the sense organs”.

The perception of the Aware Informed Energy BQH gives a new peculiarity to the sense of touch, which can decode matter with awareness, in different information coming from the Unified Field.

BQH Informative Direct Cardiogenesis starts from the assumption that the foundation of all that we perceive as matter is an informational field that serves as a project for the construction of matter, so in a chronic disease, such as ischemic heart disease, there is a disturbed communication in the system of cardiomyocytes and the information field that regulates it.

My clinical practice bases its research: 1) on the study of the energetic and morphogenetic behavior of life (Quantum Biophysics) 2) on the study of living beings and their constituents as parts of a complex, interconnected and interdependent network (Complex Systems Biology ) 3) on the study of the interactions between environmental factors and genetic heritage (Epigenetics) with the aim of 4) being able to develop the neurophysiology of networks of interaction between mind, brain and peripheral tissues (Connettomics).