Burgarella Quantum Healing [BQH]

The Help relationship between Science and Consciousness

Ebook – Year of publication: 2019

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While in classical physics we work in the space of time according to the principle of causality, human biophysical fields respond to the law of resonance in a dimension that we could call attention to, where the principle of causality is replaced by the principle of coherence. . In this case, the effects occur when the related information signals have the same frequency or are multiples of the reciprocal frequency, in order to create resonance or harmony. Burgarella Healing Quantum carries out his practice in a morphic field in which the principles of quantum physics are incorporated into clinical practice and favor the healing process of the patient. Burgarella Quantum Healing uses three main characteristics of the quantum experience:
1) the Non-Locality represented by the Entaglement,
2) Discontinuity favored by intention acting in the field of quantum possibilities,
3) the Entwined Hierarchy, represented by a mental process according to which there is no distinction between subject and object of perception.

Flavio Burgarella, cardiologist, physiatrist and journalist, is an honorary member of the Russian Federation of Cardiology and the Cuban Society of Atherosclerosis. He is founder and CEO of Heart Friends Around The World (www.hfatw.org) and founder and president of Burgarella Quantum Healing (BQH) (www.burgarellaquantumhealing.org).

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