Newsletter n.2 – December 2016


                                                                                      Bianzano (Bergamo), 12/12/2016

Dear Friends, Dear Associates

The Università Popolare Salus Quantica “Flavio Burgarella” (, founded in Bergamo by notarial deed in June 2016, based in Bianzano (BG) , Italy, at the Hermitage of Our Lady of Olives in via Boffalora No. 1,  are placing international attention for his research.

It is a non-profit free association to which I wanted to tie my name to highlight the interest in ensuring that the values that govern it are respected. The research in medicine in our mind is linked to the spiritual dimension of man, with a greater focus on the “human energy system”, through the study of bio electromagnetic fields and their interaction at the level of cellular biochemical components.

We will study about the biophysical phenomena of resonance and coherence for the preservation of health. It was established a collaboration with Prof Ferdinand Bettoni, our friend, who has already held a lecture in the Physics Laboratory of High School Mascheroni in Bergamo, on the principles of quantum physics applicable to human electromagnetic fields. Followed by another two lectures in 2017, on dates to be determined.

The “Università Popolare Salus Quantica” will also interested in the “Consciousness”: I will participate with my work, written in collaboration with Dr. Patrizio Tressoldi of the Department of Psychology, University of Padua, in the month of June 2017 in Shanghai, China, at the international  concgress “Science of Consciousness”. The title of the study is: Quantum Medicine in clinical practice could regenerate heart cells.

In the month of October 2016 in Stockholm, Sweden, at the European Congress of Scientific Explorations I presented a paper entitled:  Burgarella Quantum Healing (BQH) in Medical Practice: an applicatin whit a clinical case of knee pain.

For all associated with the Università Popolare Salus Quantica is scheduled for 2017 a free course in health education entitled: The “Secondary Prevention in Cardiology”: the control of emotions and cell regeneration.

The course will be held by me at the Ananda Center in Bergamo, Italy, Via Angelo Mai, No. 10 / i, on days Wednesday 1, 8 and 15 March from 15.30 to 17.

The membership fee for the year 2017 of EUR 25.00 (twenty five / 00) that, together with any voluntary contributions, will support our research. To join by bank transfer, the association’s bank details are as follows:

Università Popolare Salus Quantica, strada della Boffalora n 1 Bianzano, Bg, Italy


IBAN IT38G05034 53450 000000000 793.


                                                                                       The President

                                                                                      Flavio Burgarella




Lesson of quantum physics to the associates at the Laboratory of High School Mascheroni in Bergamo, Italy



The olive harvest at ‘Hermitage, in Burgarella Farm.


Burgarella Quantum Healing (BQH)


In classical physics we live in a space-time dimension according to the principle of causality. The human electromagnetic fields comply with the laws of resonance and operate in a dimension that might call “attention”, where the principle of causality is replaced by the principle of consistency.

Burgarella Quantum Healing (BQH) can be considered a morphic field in which the principles of Quantum Medicine (entanglement, discontinuities, tangled hierarchy) are introduced into clinical practice, favoring the patient’s healing process. As physical and energetic body, we are in a torsion field, the subtle energy forms present everywhere in the ‘universe.
The heart’s electromagnetic field, with the mutual movement of the two bulls that form the toroidal structure that represents it, is itself a torsion field that creates energy and is in connection with the Universal Consciousness. Torsion fields promote exchanges of information by interacting with matter and their action is not affected by distance.
In practice BQH consciously moves the electromagnetic field of the heart and through the reconnection to the Universal Consciousness generates a profound form of knowledge that “activates” the individual’s energy system and the “consistency” in all organs and body systems. Through consistency we are obtained resonance phenomena between the electromagnetic fields that convey information, influencing them.
BQH considers the physical body an information pattern, waves connected to everything else in a holistic vision; a hologram. Is the set of programmable subtle energy through electromagnetic, emotional and morphic resonance; it is also the means by which we can open conscientious spaces with possible developments in objective reality.


International relationships

Letter from Swedish Society for Psychical Research

24 october 2016

Dear Flavio Burgarella, 
I guess you have now returned from our conference in Sigtuna, and I hope you enjoyed it. Now I understand you discussed with some of my friends at a dinner and they even seemed to be interested in inviting you to a course in your healing method. Now, we also may be interersted in arranging a lecture with you in Stockholm, but for that reason we would like to know more about your method, how it works, if there is any scientifiic evaluation of it. Do you have anything like that, that you could send us? 
Best regards,
Göran Brusewitz
President Swedish SPR


Dear Goran
thank you for your email. Burgarella Quantum Healing (BQH)  considers the classical and quantum physics mainly in the study of electromagnetic, empathetic and morphogenetic resonance as research tools. Then BQH brings these in clinical practice using different methods that you’ll see listed in BQH Workshop and, according whit Admit Goswami, are potential expression of’ entanglement, discontinuity and tangled hierarchy.
I would be very happy to discuss this in a lecture in Stockholm the night before the Workshop.
Thanks a warm greeting
Flavio Burgarella


Milan  Italy 2017

Burgarella Quantum Healing Workshop organized by the Università Popolare Salus Quantica, will be held on 18 and 19 February 2017 at the Lombardy Hotel in Viale Lombardia, 74/76 – 20131 Milan (Italy). 


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