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William Joines, PhD & John G. Kruth

Bio-photon research is at the forefront of biological research based on the leadership of F.A. Popp and a group of researchers in Europe. Popp’s work and the ongoing work of biologists around the world is building on research which indicates that living organisms generate ultraviolet light which seems to be used to transfer information between cells and between organisms. This invisible source of energy and information is now being considered as a potential source of ESP experiences in humans.

The work being done at the Rhine Bio-energy lab is advancing this important work that is leading scientists to recognize a previously unidentified source of energy and information in human beings, animals, plants, and other living organisms.

The Rhine labs are measuring the intentional transfer of bio-photonic energy by energetic healers, deep meditators, and martial artists. For years, these individuals have discussed the flow of “energy” or “chi” that is being manipulated, and the Rhine labs have now provided established physical evidence that this energy or chi exists in the form of bio-photons. Future research at these labs will study the mechanisms of this energy transfer more closely, determine the effectiveness of energy healing, and examine whether energy healing can be effectively taught.

Press release from March 2012:

Researchers at the Rhine Research Center have found that experienced meditators, healers and martial artists who claim to manipulate “chi” or healing energies are actually able to produce energy at a far higher rate than average people under strictly controlled laboratory conditions. “Chi” is a thus far unproven form of energy, which is believed by many in Eastern societies to be a kind of “life” or “health” force.
Over the last 30 years, Rhine researchers have put these claims to the test, putting meditators, healers and martial artists who claim to control these energies into a light proof room designed to eliminate any interference from electrical equipment or any light sources. Using a multiphasic ultra-violet light detector which is designed to measure individual photons produced per half second, Rhine researchers were able to measure dramatic increases in the number of photons in the light-proof room when certain people were meditating, performing healings, or claiming to manipulate Chi. Since photons represent energy in physics, the increase in photons represents an increase in energy that ranges from 500% to 10,000% above the baseline measure of energy in the room.

Funded by the Bial Foundation and private donations to the Rhine, these experiments are designed to assist researchers and health professionals to understand the types of energies produced by the human body and to discover the limits for controlling these energies. Meditators, energetic healers, and martial artists claim the ability to focus their attention and manipulate these energies, and these experiments appear to verify that some people are able to control these invisible energies of the body.